The knowledge of the world is identical to the dissolution of its consistency” Ovid

By exploring the properties of materials through a process of continuous deconstruction and reconstruction, I attempt to understand the nature of existence and, thus, of the world. This work at the limits is also a means to probe what I am and what I am not – and perhaps what we all can be.

Tradition and preciousness are important to me. Coming from a family of goldsmiths, I have a deep respect for traditional techniques; yet I have been trying to use them in my own personal way. You see, I don’t believe preciousness is only related to the value of the material. I think it is mostly dependant on the story and symbolism a piece of jewelry carries.

I draw my inspiration from everyday life and my surroundings, as well as social interactions and human values. I am usually working with hard materials: silver, steel, bone and wood. Their resistance, durability, toughness and the traces of corrosion found on them, are qualities that truly fascinate me and are often reflected on my work.

I consider jewelry as something intimate; as a channel of communication with oneself; as a link between our physical and emotional existence. But jewelry also operates as a social statement made by its wearer, as a form of interaction between body and space, individuals and society.

With this in mind, I create three-dimensional objects that function as an extension of the human body. Jewelry pieces inspired by people, for people. And by constantly questioning the nature of existence, as well as that of jewelry, I move on.

Born in 1983 in Athens/Greece, Anastasia Kandaraki is a jewelry artist, instructor, founder of Anamma Studio and co-founder & external collaborator of Athens Jewelry Week (AJW).

She holds a Master on Fine Arts in Contemporary Jewelry and Body Ornament from Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, where she was mentored by the Dutch artist Lucy Sarneel. She has completed a three-year study on Designing and Manufacturing Jewelry in Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, where, during the third year of her studies, she was mentored by the German artist Manfred Bischoff. She has attended a one-year course on Silversmithing and Jewelry Design in Mokume school in Athens. She also holds a bachelor’s degree on Marketing from the A.T.E.I. of Thessaloniki.

Ever since 2008, she has been attending several conceptual workshops delivered by renowned artists and instructors in the field of contemporary jewelry, such as Peter Bauhuis, Ruudt Peters, Robert Smit, Christoph Zellweger, Jorge Manilla, Evert Nijland, Benjamin Lignel, Marta Mattsson and Iris Bodemer.

Her work has formed part of exhibitions in various countries in Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia.

In 2011, she founded Anamma studio, the first academy of contemporary jewelry in Greece, with the objective to introduce and provide a basic understanding of contemporary art jewelry.

Besides her role as director and instructor at Anamma Studio, she is also the co-founder and a partner of Athens Jewelry Week (AJW) since 2016, the first institution in Greece aspiring to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of contemporary jewelry.

Currently, she lives and works in Athens, where she creates, teaches and organizes contemporary jewelry workshops and exhibitions.

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