What is the relationship between humans and technology?

We, humans, are the ones who are developing technology in order to serve our needs; but, does it also serve our values? How do we benefit from it and how much do we depend on it? What about autonomy? Is it possible that we are becoming “slaves” of our own inventions? What about free will? To which extent does technology influence our biology and change our sense of identity?

The role of technology in human life raises a lot of questions. Undoubtedly, new technologies are useful tools, but it all depends on the way we use them. We create devices which serve us, but at the same time, make us increasingly dependent on them.

Our technology is developing much faster than our culture. After all, what does it mean to be human? Our nature is complex and, in one aspect, we are far from artificial. However, living through screens makes us more artificial. Life moves into a virtual world, which is rather controlled and predictable, making the real world lose its beauty and value. Will we ever find the balance between humans and technology? Remains to be seen.