Anastasia Kandaraki Contemporary jewelry designer and teacher

Eager to share her passion about jewelry, Anastasia Kandaraki founded in 2011 Anamma studio in Athens, offering contemporary jewelry seminars. Since then, she has been working both as an instructor (in her school and as a guest teacher) and a jewelry artist.

Her teaching focuses on the creation of contemporary art jewelry, through the development of concepts and the research of materials. By attending her course, students have the chance to explore different materials, get acquainted with the idea of experimentation and transformation and learn a vocabulary on materials. Thematic exercises allow students to practice their creativity and their ability to “tell a story” through each piece of jewelry they make.

Using silversmithing techniques and the material vocabulary, students are invited to develop their personal artistic language by coming up with their own project – a jewelry collection. After researching the various aspects of their concept, they use this knowledge in order to reveal “the personality” of their materials, give them shape and also a feel that fully expresses the concept.

Finally, students learn how to present their project – jewelry collection by preparing their portfolio and by participating in exhibitions, shows and other activities.

The overall objective of this comprehensive course is for participants to strengthen their research skills, deepen their reflection on their own artistic practice, develop their personal creative language and the necessary presentation skills.

*Anastasia is always open to proposals for new projects and collaborations.




Anamma studio was founded in 2011 by Anastasia Kandaraki. It is a Contemporary Jewelry Studio addressed to both amateurs and professionals; a space dedicated to creativity, expression and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Traditional techniques and approaches are combined with contemporary ones in order to develop a new perspective around jewelry as an expressive means of art.

Jewelry at anamma studio is treated as a “portable” art. It is related to the body on a conceptual and physical level by using it as inspiration, space and an entity which conveys values and expresses messages.

The Studio organizes thematic seminars on materials and techniques as well as intensive theoretical/conceptual and technical courses, with distinguished instructors and guest artists from Greece and abroad.

For amateurs, anamma studio functions as a starting point in the multidimensional world of jewelry, by providing them the opportunity to create their own portfolio. For jewelry professionals, it serves as a space of further evolution, revamp, exploration and discovery.

Anastasia Kandaraki Contemporary jewelry designer and teacher