Symbiosis stands for interdependence; coupling; interaction; the attempt of two different organisms to support one another for survival. This is the word which characterizes the first solo exhibition of Anastasia Kandaraki at Eos Gallery.

In a fully symbiotic area of modern Athens, the audience will have the chance to experience jewelry through the eyes of the artist, who is resisting to the glorious beauty that traditionally characterizes jewelry and creates sculptures for body and space, made of wood and steel; two materials which mostly belong to industrial practices. It is as if her jewelry questions its own nature.

Eos Gallery
38, Cheiden Str., Victoria Sq., 10434 Athens / +30 210 8237111

Exhibition dates: February 27th – March 9th 2019
Opening: Wednesday, February 27th at 20.00
Live Performance: Thursday, March 7th at 21.00

Performance by Dancer & Performer Jessica Kaibali
Photo Credits : Orestis Rovakis