Athens Jewelry Week 2018 just completed its third year of offering a series of showing opportunities to artists from all over the world.
The event, organized by Anastasia Kandaraki, Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou (founding members of the organization [anti]clastics), aims to foster an international dialogue and “present to the wider public the specifics, diversity, and artistic dimension of contemporary jewelry in Greece.

The Benaki Museum functioned as the main event space, hosting the opening for the overall week-long event, as well as acting as the central hub for various events taking place over the course of that week, from workshops and seminars to the awards/closing ceremonies.

The museum also played host to the central exhibitions, which included the juried exhibition Intersecting Spaces; the featured award artists from previous years: Snem Yildirim, Orsolya Losonczy, and Hao-Han Jhang; guest artist Maria Militsi; and invited artists Matt Lambert and the Italian contemporary jewelry school Alchimia.

The juried exhibition at the Benaki was a balanced collection of works by 32 participants ranging in a variety of material, conceptual, and aesthetic approaches

Exhibition dates: May 23rd-30th 2018