Due to the expasion and severity of COVID-19, in Spain and globally, Melting Point 2020 will be postponed. The new dates will be announced soon.

The most important international contemporary jewelry exhibition, Schmuck 2020, will travel to Valencia to particiapte in Melting Point. Joieria Contemporània, from April 30 to May 31, in the temporary room of Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània.
This is the only time this exhibition, reference in the field of author jewellery, can be seen after the organization of «Handwerk & Design» has suspeded its International Fair, which was scheduled to be held in Munich (Germany), from March 5 to 15, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The exhibition hosts a careful selection of more than 165 pieces of contemporary jewellery from 63 jewelers from 29 different countries, from which the three winners of the prestigious Herbert-Hofmann 2020 awards will be chosen.

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Paul Adie, from United Kingdom; Ulla Ahola, from Finland; Miki Asai, from Japan; Sawa Aso, from Japan; Raquel Bessudo, from Mexico; Alexander Blank, from Germany; Becky Bliss, from New Zealand; Iris Bodemer, from Germany; Donna Brennan, from United Kingdom ; Helen Britton, from Australia; Sigurd Bronger, from Norway; Klara Brynge, from Sweeden; Kim Buck, from Denmark; Chia-Ching Lu, from Taiwan; Sungho Cho, from Korea; Erinn M. Cox, from United States / Estonia; Laura Deakin, from Australia; Nina van Duijnhoven, from New Zealand / the Netherlands; Ute Eitzenhöfer, from Germany; Veronika Fabian, from Hungary; Katrin Feulner, from Germany; Rebekah Frank, from United States; Lucie Gledhill, from United Kingdom; Gabriella Goldsmith, from Denmark; Janna Gregonis, from United States; Andi Gut, from Switzerland; Nils Hint, from Estonia; Mária Hriešik Nepšinská, from Slovakia; Reiko Ishiyama, from Japan; Melanie Isverding, from Germany; Cathryn Jasterzbski, from United States; Karin Johansson, from Sweeden; Anastasia Kandaraki, from Greece; Takashi Kojima, from Japan; Manon van Kouswijk, from the Netherlands; Dongchun Lee, from Korea; Helena Lehtinen, from Finland; Keith Lewis, from United States; Laura Leyt, from Argentina; Anqi Li, from China; Jorge Manilla, from Belgium; Merlin Meremaa, from Estonia; Bruce Metcalf, from United States; Carla Nuis, from the Netherlands; Pavel Opocensky, from Czech Republic; Ruudt Peters, from the Netherlands; Camila Prasch, from Germany; Ramon Puig Cuyàs, from Spain; Loukia Richards, from Greece; Barbara Schrobenhauser, from Germany; Elwy Schutten, from the Netherlands; Tereza Seabra, from Portugal; Karin Seufert, from Germany; Silke Spitzer, from Germany; Gisbert Stach, from Germany; Coco Hyoun Jung Sung, from Korea; Jelizaveta Suska, from Latvia; Ketli Tiitsar, from Estonia; Tota Reciclados, from Argentina; Tarja Tuupanen, from Finland; Maria Ignacia Walker Guzman, from Chile; Julia Walter, from Germany; Sofya Zakharova, from Israel. As a Modern Classic 2020, tribute is paid to the figure of the Australian Robert Baines.